Looking to purchase a yacht? Well, there are many yacht types to choose from. Read on to find out what those options are right here.

If you cherish the time you spend with your family, love the ocean, and have deep pockets, then purchasing a yacht is a no-brainer. Being the proud owner of a yacht means spending quality time with family and friends, or going on a solo voyage across the seas – in short, nothing can help build memories that will last a lifetime than having your own yacht.




The only problem is, how does one choose the perfect yacht? For starters, you’ll have to know the options. Here are a few of them.

    1. Sunseeker Manhattan 63

Sunseeker has been building boats for a long time. The Sunseeker Manhattan 63, built in 2012, is just another feather in their cap. The Manhattan 63 offers incredible quality and a slick modern design that’s hard to ignore whether it’s on the water or parked at the bay. Some of the features include a 61 mph max speed for the adrenaline junkies, a long 21.1-feet length offering plenty of space for up to 8 passengers, and a host of other features all packed in a neat package that costs just $1,200,000. Now, that’s what you call a sweet deal!

    2. Princess Yachts F56

You simply can’t do an article on yacht types and not include the Princess Yachts F56, which is the successor of the much-loved F55. Built in 2013, the F56 offers you the ultimate and comfort and luxury, including a vast flybridge and convertible sunbed, along with many other features and amenities that make it one of the most comfortable options on the market. The total length of this boat is 28 feet and can comfortably fit up to 6 passengers with its 3 luxury cabins below deck, all for a price tag of $850,000.

    3. Princess Yachts V62

Princess Yachts have become the darling of many who want to feel the freedom of going out in the open waters in style. The V62 was built in 2010 and has a length of 19.4 feet, which is slightly smaller than many other options in the Princess line-up, but that doesn’t mean this buttoned-up boat can’t let loose, because it can. The luxury yacht sports a plethora of features and amenities in its 4 cabins that can easily house up to 12 guests, and that’s pretty sweet for a price tag of $960,000.

    4. Nimbus Coupe Nova 350

This white-hulled Nimbus Coupe Nova 350 offers fantastic value for money, with incredible style and powerful Twin Volvo Penta D4 diesel engines under the hood. Designed in 2006, this yacht hasn’t gone out of style thanks to its forward-thinking designers. The 12.5 feet Nova 350 will cost you just $250,000.

    5. Bavaria YachtBau 370 Lagoon

What’s special about the Bavaria YachtBau 370 Lagoon is not just its sleek design and sturdy build quality; rather, the Lagoon version has a double cabin layout with a large owner's cabin in the rear, along with many other amenities in this 11.3 feet schooner. Its two cabins are comfortable for 4 guests and can be yours at a reasonable price tag of $ 50,000.

    6. Jeanneau 64

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a special boat since it’s the winner of the SAIL Best Boats Award for Best Flagship Monohull. This impressive luxury cruiser was built in 2016 by Jeanneau, which is a brand that’s no stranger in the world of luxury yachts. The 20-feet-long boat can fit a maximum of 10 passengers in its 4 luxury cabins that have been fitted with all the modern luxuries you would look for in a luxury yacht. What’s more, and can be yours at a price of just $1,100,000. No joke!

    7. Windy 42 Grand Bora

When it comes to cruisers, some have it and some don’t, and the Windy 42 Grand Bora definitely has it. This long-legged Scandinavian-esque cruiser offers the ultimate luxurious experience along with complete control and handling. It is obviously built for cool climates but is great for cruising in the Bahamas as well. For a reasonable price tag of just $152,000, you get to have a 13.1 feet luxury cruiser that can do speeds upwards of 45mph and can house up to 6 passengers comfortably in its three luxury cabins.

    8. Holland Jachtbouw HJ

If you’re looking for something slightly larger, and one that offers a classic look, but with modern amenities, then you can’t go wrong with the Holland Jachtbouw HJ. This 27.4-feet sailing yacht is a dream for sailors who prefer taking in all that nature has to offer. This boat has 3 luxury cabins that have been retro-fitted with all of the latest amenities and can house up to 6 passengers at a time. The model HJ has been one of the better-known boats in the Holland Jachtbouw line-up, which is why at $1,190,000, it costs a pretty penny.

    9. Sunreef 60 (Ad Libitum)

The 2011 Sunreef 60 / Ad Libitum is a beautiful example of what can be achieved when setting out to design the perfect luxury catamaran. Because that’s exactly what the Sunreef 60 is. This boat boasts exclusivity, which is not only evident in the plethora of features and amenities that have been fitted in this 18-feet long catamaran, but also on its shiny price tag of $ 1,210,000. Take it from us, it’s worth every penny!

    10. Nautors Swan 100 FD

The 2006 Nautors Swan 100 FD has been impeccably designed and lavished with luxuries. In case, you were wondering, the FD stands for ‘Flush Deck’ and is a nice upgrade from its predecessor the 100 RS. Of course, you can expect more features in this 31-feet version and a bumped up price tag of

$ 7,100,000. It wouldn't be wrong to say that this luxury boat is an incarnation of the classic blue-water cruisers, boasting of cutting-edge technology and naval architecture by well-known German Frers. If you enjoy hosting parties on a luxury boat, then the 5 cabins can house up to 10 passengers quite comfortably.

    11. Nautors Swan 77

Launched in 1993, the Swan 77 was designed by German Frers, in response to the need for a “larger” sailing yacht. Despite its size, the 24.6-feet long boat offers impressive amenities and lots of speed, which makes it a joy for those who are looking for a sailing yacht. If you want to entertain guests, then the Nautors Swan 77 can house up to 6 passengers in its three luxury cabins, with plenty of space to spare.

So, there you have it. These were our top picks of the best yachts you can invest in if you love spending time out on the open waters and have the pockets to match your passion. You’re definitely not going to regret owning any one of these options. If you need help with arranging the paperwork or transport for your boat, visit Anchoroneboats.com.










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